the words we sing to you:

Wine From Water

Come on up 
Slide on in 
You've got position 
I am sin 
I am wasted 
Not all there 
Could I tell you? 
Or would you care? 

Wine from water baby 
No stone unturned 
Live fast, Die young 
Crash and Burn 

If I say 
I don't live for you 
Will it hurt 
Like harsh words do? 
C'mon babe. 
You know what? 
You can cry 
And bring me a flood 


That's Not Enough

I Don't Want A Piece of Your Heart 
I Know That We Could Never Go Too Far 
I Know Our Love Alone Won't See Us Through 
There's Not One Thing I'd Like to Say to You 

I Don't Always Have The Right Thing to Say 
This Won't Last Forever and a Day 
I Know Our Love Alone Won't See Us Through 
There's Not One Thing I'd Like to Say to You 

They Say That Love 
It Don't Cost a Thing 
You Deserve More 
Than My Everything 
That's Not Enough 

I Want All. All of Your Love 
I'd Walk For Miles To Be Where You Are 
We'll Never Be Alone. Yes, That's True 
It Only Takes Three Words To Say "I Love You"

Sting Your Tongue

Lord have mercy. I think I did it this time. 
Got myself in a hole. Way too deep for me to climb 
Lordy mama. Don't bring that gossip to me. 
We both know. Only the truth will set me free. 

Don't that lying mouth sting your tongue? 
Don't that lying mouth sting your tongue? 
Don't that lying mouth sting your tongue? 
Don't that lying mouth sting your tongue? 
You pass that thing around to everyone. 
Don't that rotten mouth sting your tongue? 

Extra Extra. Look what the emperor wore. 
Trouble follows you. Ain't that what you're looking for? 
Good lord baby. You're undone brick by brick.
And we both know. Your love is just a parlor trick.

You say I've got your love. But he's got some. 
Don't that rotten mouth sting your tongue? 

Look here girl. How do you even sleep? 
Save your pennies. Your talk is less than cheap.  
Ain't that something? The way it all went south. 
We both know. Lies pour like water from your mouth. 

I see the way you lie to everyone 
Don't that rotten mouth sting your tongue?

Leave You Blind

I'm Losing My Sweet Soul​ 
I'm Finding My Way​ 
Got My Mind In The Cradle​ 
One Foot In The Grave​ 
I Know I Can Find Him​ 
But He's Hiding From Me​ 
Got My Life In His Pocket​ 
Please Set Me Free​ 

If You Ever Saw It​ 
It Would Leave You Blind​ 
If You Had A Heart​ 
You Would Have To Cry

I've Got No Problem​ 
With Poking Fun​ 
And I See No Reason​ 
To Come Undone​ 
I Ain't Surprised​ 
By What I've Seen​ 
Who Calls Me Censored?​ 
When My Life's Obscene​ 
Throw It Down On Me​ 
Don't You Want To Let It Go?​ 
Throw It Down On Me​ 
Cause You Can Never Know​ 
Throw It Down And Oh​

I've Spent Too Much Time​ 
On Playing The Fool​ 
And All That You've Told Me​ 
Is Like Old News​ 
Nothing Is Wrong​ 
With Bending The Truth​ 
Don't Leave Me Standing​ 
When The S**t Hits The Roof​

Twice Upon A Time 

You want to hold me like a ball and chain​ 
You want to touch me like a bee that stings​ 
You want to kiss me like a rattlesnake​ 
I want to see you baby shake, shake, shake​ 

You talk like vinegar and spit​
You always make me scream and kick​
You said "love" and that’s just taboo​
That’s something I make not something I do​ 

Upon a time​ 
Upon a crime​ 
No third time's charm
And I am gone

You want to love me like the angel of death​ 
I want to meet you like my dying breath

 You want to find me like a dream that's bad​ 
You want to mind me like a man gone mad​ 
You want to warm me like a sky without sun​ 
I want to be the reason you come undone​ 



11th Hour Boogie 

In an orchard, on a flower,  by a river by a road​. 
Past her bedtime, with no warning, in a locket made of gold.​ 
Out her window, in the distance under starlight crickets sing​. 
In a portrait, by the table, on her left hand there's a ring.​ 

​In a garden on her worst day 'cross her red lips there's a smile​. 
By the tall grass and the fire ants, the bridge is out for a mile.​ 
On a mountain, down a driveway by the moonlight true and long​.
There's a secret in the last line of the lyrics to a song.​ ​ 

What it is. What it was. What it will be​
Your love'll make me stronger if it doesn't kill me​. 
Steal the show. Steal my heart. Steal away for good​.
And I sho' nuff do love ya like I never thought that I could​.

In the silence of the dark night, where the high tide meets the land.​ 
On the mantle by the cupboard, she keeps a picture of the band​.
Out to pasture between the raindrops where the story had begun​.
Up a staircase in her nightstand under Gideon there's a gun.​ 


Love and Turpentine

If you were a lock
I'd be your key
I'd swim forever
if you were the sea
If you were my toast
I'd be your jam
If you were my girl
I'd be your man
If you were a fire
I'd be your smoke
If you need to laugh
I'd be your joke

Paint Me A Picture Clementine
(Love and Turpentine)
Tell Them Other Boys That You Are Mine
(Love and Turpentine)
Burn It All Down 
(Love and Turpentine)

If you were a bell
i'd make you ring
If you were a song
I'd always sing
If you want to cry
I'll be your tear
If you're feeling lost
I'll be right here
If you were a flower
I'd be a bee
If you saw what I saw
That would be me

If you were a lock 
I'd be your key 
I'd swim forever 
if you were the sea 
If you were a fire 
I'd be your smoke 
If you need to laugh 
I'd be your joke


Northern Lights

Honey bees and love charades 
From thick as thieves to sad parades 
Burned my bridges to see the flame 
Used the ashes to scrawl my name 

Lend me a dime 
And I'll confess my heart 
On spinning tires 
A spoonful of star 
Like a lighthouse, be my nighttime guide 
Say good morning. Say goodnight 
And the Northern Lights shine on 
Make it shine 

Lost a friend between the piano keys 
In two minds 'bout what it means 
Spin a yarn of a sordid tale 
Feast your eyes while my train derails 

Just wish me luck and I'll stumble home 
It never hurts til I'm alone 
I paid the price with sword and salt 
But crawled away tattooed and raw 

Without You

The Moon Eats the Stars​ 
Swallowed by the Day​ 
Idle Hands Do Nothing Good​ 

Long Time to Come 
Could Find a Way to Keep 
Kisses in a Jar by the Door​ 

One Time Around the Sun 
It Happens All the Time 
Sure Will Be Lonely Without You​ 

Come From The Cold​ 
In a Less Than Perfect World 
Time is Never Found Again​ 

​If Time is a thief ​ 
Love is a war 
Waiting is Beautiful and Brave​